are the hikes free?

Each hike requires a minimum participation donation of $5.00 per person,  100% of which goes to Grateful Dogs Rescue. 



how will i know where to go?

Every month, hike details will be emailed out to you once you subscribe. Within the email will include time, location, hike info, if pups are allowed on the trail, and more.



when are the hikes?

We meet the last Sunday of every month, unless otherwise specified.



can anyone come? can i bring a friend?

Absolutely!  We encourage you to invite your lady friends to help us grow this community. Hikes are ladies only. Please ensure you have your guest subscribe to acknowledge our Terms & Conditions, and create an account so that they can process their minimum donation requirement.



is there an age requirement?

All hikers must be 18 years of age, otherwise must be accompanied by an adult for ages 17 and younger.



Dogs are most definitely welcome! We will always include in our emails so that you are aware of whether or not the trails permit pups.