About us & our MISSION

Hi, I'm Erica. I founded Project Hike in May of 2018 after living in San Francisco for a year and a half. Moving from Florida - I wanted to find a way to prioritize taking advantage of the landscape the Bay Area has to offer, and find a group of women who I could do this with. Being a "transplant" - one of the things I constantly heard is how hard it is to meet people in San Francisco, and I was feeling the same way.

After completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and completely falling in love with how quickly connections were made, I felt like there had to be more I could contribute. I knew I wanted to continue to make time for myself outside of work: to explore my new city, continue connecting with others, and growing both as an individual and within the community. 

I figured, why not create a platform for ladies to come together, connect with other like minded women, all while exploring the bay area's amazing scenery and hiking trails, and grow together while contributing to a greater good. My love of pups, pups of all kinds, let me know my charitable component would have to do with animals, specifically dogs. And thus, Project Hike San Francisco was born.

With my research, I found Grateful Dogs Rescue who we worked with for the first year of Project Hike. Grateful Dogs Rescue is the oldest all breed dog rescue in SF. All hikes as of July 2018 began our requirement of a minimum donation to participate.

As Project Hike started to grow, I decided I wanted to work with a bit of a larger rescue who was extremely involved within the community. So I made the decision with a new year, and rebranding to start working with Copper’s Dream Rescue, a foster based “all-breed dog rescue based in the San Francisco Bay Area. [Their] dogs live in foster homes until adopted - [they] don't have a physical shelter.”

We are now expanding into the Orange County area and I am so thrilled to have you join in on a hike.